Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Deadly NoroVirus!

Ever want to loose a quick 10 lbs? Just get yourself a little norovirus (Norwalk) and voila, 10lbs can be gone! I had the unfortunate oppportunity to pick this virus up at work last week. My lovely patients were having, shall we say, symptoms all night! And being my job, I helped to clean up the symptoms not knowing at the time what we were dealing with. Anyway, by the end of the morning, I was the first of 12 nurses to come down with symptoms of my very own! I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. One of our unfortunate patients finially succumbed to this virus later!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Signal Lights!

How hard can it be? How much energy does it take? Come on, really. It's not only common curtesy but essential for road safety. If everyone used their signal lights maybe there would less accidents and less road rage!!! ARRGGH!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

One of my Passions

This is my first blog entry, so bear with me. I have decided to talk about my love for photography. I have never taken any courses in this field but I would love to! If I win the 35 million dollars tomorrow night, I'll quit nursing, take some photography courses and travel the world and photograph to my hearts content. I can spend hours at a time just taking pictures. Sometimes I take numerous photos of the same subject, until I am satisfied that its the right angle, lighting, focus, compositon, and that it is original and fresh. I find that where ever I go I am constantly looking at the world as if i'm going to take a picture. I like to try to capture my feelings of the subject matter with a picture. So everything is a possible subject, animate and inanimate. When I am taking pictures, I am in my own world. I don't even notice other people around me, and I don't even care that they may be standing right next to me. I get so engrossed with the composition of a photo, I block out the rest of society. Is this weird? Or is it normal for something you are passionate about?

Mascotte Tulip

These are 2 of my favorite recent photos!
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